Old Fashioned Fun -Be ready for a non-21st century time.

Ole and Lena have given Vern and Betty a clock dat runs backwords. Check it out. Ve're going back in time ven tings run slower, ver old machinery and farm stuff sits around to be talked about, ver people visit, and ver der are rules and expected safe behaviors for everyone's safety and outdoor fun. Here are a few to be prepared fer.


No pets are allowed at Eplegaarden. Da space belongs to our animals, birds, and trolls.

Smoking is not allowed anyver in or out of the buildings. Da fresh air of da farm belongs to everyone, and da aroma of popcorn, apples and apple cider. Da fire marshall and insurance persons appreciate dis rule too.

No climbing on da old machinery or up into apple trees. All apples are plukked from ground without ladders, boxes, plukkin tools, or being lifted up by parents.

All children and families stay together as a group. Remember, der are trolls out der!

Please don't feed da animals. Dat's Ole and Lena's job! And remember, dey are animals and can be rough at times, especially toward children, and can get very sick if overfed.

Selv Plukk apples must be prepaid before entering orchard.

You are welcome to taste an apple in the orchard. Dis is not da same as eating several apples or wasting apples.

Apples often hang in clusters. If you plukk one, others may fall. Please put all plukked or knocked down apples in your bag. Dey are too fresh and vonderful to waste.

Please leave your cell phones at home or in da car. Enjoy the countryside and atmosphere and let others enjoy it also.

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