Arriving at Eplegaarden - Where to Begin

Park in the parking lot and walk up da drive towards Eplebutikken (The Apple Store).

On Weekends, check in at "Ole's Information Station" first (to the left of the store deck) or go to Eplebutikken on less busy weekdays.  Find out:

·       What's available for plukkin dat day. (It changes every day.)

·       Ver to go fer plukkin apples, raspberries, pumpkins. (It changes every day.)

·       Prepay for Selv Plukke bags and berry boxes.

·       How to plukke. A pre-visit tip from Ole. "Both feet must be on the ground to plukke apples. (Dat's right . No tree climbing.)"

·       Other Rules for plukkin.

·       Other events of the days are listed under “What’s Happening” on da website.

Be prepared to experience Eplegaarden, a real farm. Eplegaarden is "da apple orchard vit da Norvegian Exposure", an old fashion farm ver things move slower den any other place in Dane County or maybe even in all of Wisconsin. Be sure to ask about "da Norvegian calculator".

Der are empty little red vagons to pull up da hill to haul your apples back down da hill. Please haul only produce in vagons.  They are not intended to haul people.  Before you leave, please bring da wagon back to da "wagon corral" for da next family to enjoy. We encourage you to bring your own wagons, but please put your name on it and keep track of it.

Please only plukk da apples you want, putting all apples you plukk into your bag. Both feet must be on the ground when you plukk da apples. (Yea again, no climbing the trees!)

You may vish to buy some apple butter, fresh cider, or other items in the Eplebutikkin also before you leave.

On weekends you also may wish to visit da Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Barn to enjoy some apple treats and exhibits. During da pumpkin season beginning Sept 20, pumpkins and squash are vayed and den payed for in da "Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Barn" or at da Vey and Pay Bay.                                         Return to Home