Eplegaarden Produce–2019

APPLESDates are approximate.  The weather                                                 may delay or speed up ripening.

 Some varieties have smaller crops the year.  It may have been the “Polar Votex” last winter or just the crazy weather???


Variety                                              Variety

Lodi                Aug.  1                       Haralson                    Sept. 14                                           

Duchess          Aug.  13                      Wolf River                 Sept. 14         

Zestar             Aug.  13                      Early Fuji                  Sept. 14                     

Paulared        Aug.  13                      Jonathan                    Sept. 21                                 

Wealthy         Aug.  22                      Delicious                    Sept. 23

Gingergold    Aug.  27                      Fireside                      Sept. 23

McIntosh       Aug.  27                      Melrose                      Oct.    1

Akane             Aug.  27                      Jonagold                    Oct.    1

Gala                Aug.  27                      Cameo                                    Oct.    5

Honeycrisp    Sept.   3                      N. Spy                         Oct.    5

Spartan          Sept.   7                      Fortune                      Oct.  10

Cortland        Sept.   7                      Braeburn                   Oct. 10

Macoun          Sept. 14                      Winesap                     Oct. 10

Empire           Sept. 14                      Russet                         Oct. 10


Many other varieties including "Heritage" types thru out season.

Examples:  Snow - Sept. 17, Grimes Golden - Oct. 10,  Boskop - Oct. 10


Continued Favorites


Aug17 - Sept. til  Frost 


Sept. - Nov. 


Sept. 14



Indian Corn 

Sept. 20


Sept. 20  - Nov. 


Sept. 20

Da Eplegaarden--farm direct-- advantages.


·       low farm prices

·       fun and enjoyment (real live experience)                           

·       different - we're slow, old fashioned

·       access (not just one day a week)

·       close "buy local"

·       total information on your food

·       local Fitchburg and Dane County grower (know your source)

·       environmental concern (We live on our own soil, breath our air, and drink our own water. They better be safe and permanent!)                             

·       Virtual reality?   We're not!   We are reality! 

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