Sept. 16, 2017       


       September & October

          Tues. - Sat.  9:00 - 5:00

          Sun. - 10:00 - 5:00 (New opening time)

     Apples:  Selv Plukke (you pick)

          McIntosh, Gala, Golden Supreme,

          Cortland, Fuji, Haralson, Empire,                

          Spartans, & Concord Grapes.

     In da store - Honeycrisp, Paulared,

          McIntosh, Cortland, Haralson, Gala and               others.

          Seconds available.

               Fresh Cider.   

     Raspberries: Now - til Frost

       Stop by orchard for a postcard with 2017

       apple variety dates and events.     

                Mange takk (Many Thanks).      

                              Betty, (Vern,), Rami,& Tom


  Please note: We do not communicate by email.

      Call 608-845-5966.